Do Ineffective Teachers Really Matter? 

Marzano And Stronge's Research:

Students of highly effective teachers gain five to six more months of learning than students of ineffective teachers. And research has shown that students who are in the classroom of ineffective teachers for three consecutive years are unlikely to ever catch up to their peers.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to provide the best, most effective and efficient teaching method for your children through the highly qualified MOE Trained Teachers your children deserve in every classroom. 

 Our Teachers' Curriculum Vitae  

Teacher Mok

Primary English/Math, A Math & E Math

I graduated from MGS, ACJC,  NIE and University Of Queensland with a major in Mathematics and Linguistics. I was a former teacher of Kranji Secondary, Bukit View Primary, Raffles Girls' Primary & Saint Michael's Primary. I taught at The Learning Lab prior to joining The Learning Museum. "Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open." Thomas Dewar

Teacher Gabriel Wee 
Primary/Secondary/JC/IB/IP English

I have been helping students from the tender young ages of 7 and up, all the way till their ‘end-of-teen’ (that’s right, pre-University, Junior College graduating) years, that is, students 18-19 years old, for over twenty years (since 2003 when I first embarked on his academic and tutoring journeys), overcome the challenges and demands of the national academic examinations.   


Armed with a B.A. (Honours, Second Upper) Degree in English Language (Linguistics) from Singapore’s very own NUS, along with attaining yearly academic distinction credentials (Dean’s List, FASS, NUS, awarded to only the top 5 per cent of the University Faculty), presently about 20 years of professional teaching experience which includes teaching General Paper at Raffles Institution (Junior College), Temasek and Catholic Junior Colleges, and also O-level English Language at an autonomous Secondary School in Singapore.


My teaching track record also encompasses having been a Subject Head (and Academic Coordinator at a premier academic enrichment centre) and Lecturer and Tutor for A-level General Paper, O-level English Language and Integrated Programme (IP) English Language & Language Arts. 

My own classroom knacks span from highly analytical and student-centric teaching styles to demonstrating to students how, and where exactly, to devote their English writing abilities and question-deconstructing acumen, to achieve the best possible outcomes. I have generally exuded a remarkable ability to sniff out essay trends, categorise and dissect comprehension questions, and equip my students, from across schools and scholastic abilities, the pertinent examination “hacks” and expressive and analytical acuity. Among my considerable skillsets have been my many students’ highly consistent and steady progress and boosted academic performance and results.


Whilst I pride myself on my somewhat balanced life perspectives and my rather peculiar fascination with my two ‘f’s - felines and fitness - practically nothing delights me more than to know that my students have attained improved and/or stellar showings/results and have become even better, more enlightened versions of themselves, academically and beyond.


Teacher Michelle
Primary & Secondary English

I graduated from NTU and NIE. I have more than 10 years of tutoring experience. I love to interact with students. I am always heartened to hear my students being able to achieve good results and develop the necessary skills for the 21st century.

Teacher Goh 

Secondary Physics, Lower Secondary Science & Math 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the NUS and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the NIE. I have more than 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience. I am able to stimulate students' interest in Science by relating scientific knowledge to their daily lives and help them to apply these knowledge for the benefit of their family and society.

Teacher Chiang

Primary English/Math

I graduated from Nanyang JC, NIE (Major in Geography and Education and NUS (Sociology). I am a former teacher of Bukit View Primary School. I also taught as an adjunct teacher in Blangah Rise Primary, Ruling Primary and Bukit Panjang Primary.

Teacher Lim
Lower Primary English/Math

I graduated from NUS with a major in Finance. With a passion for teaching, I furthered my studies at NIE. I have over 10 years of teaching experience in primary education. I am very engaging and can hold the attention of students with lively discussions in class. I love the age group I teach and I want to help every student achieve his/her best results. Action changes things.

Teacher Richard 

A Math, E Math & H1, H2 Math

I graduated with a Second Upper-Class Honours Degree in Engineering from NUS and hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NIE. I have taught Mathematics in MOE secondary schools for 7 years. I specialise in Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Higher Mathematics at Sec/JC level. I enjoy teaching the subjects. I never underestimate the potential of my students and I always strive to develop them to the fullest, I will ensure my students learn to connect and apply the concepts, and use efficient methods to solve mathematical problems. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the students finding the right key to unlock their potential and attaining superb results, and discovering the joy of learning in the process. 

Teacher Auyong 

Primary Math/Science & Lower Sec Math

I graduated from NUS with a Bachelor Degree (with Merits) in Science, majoring in Chemistry and General Mathematics. I was a former MOE trained teacher with Shuqun Secondary School. I also taught Math in private schools before joining The Learning Museum.

Teacher J Ong

Primary/Secondary English

I graduated from MGS, ACJC and NUS with Bachelor of Arts (Honours in English Literature) and major in English. I have been in the education sector for more than two decades, having been with The Learning Lab and MindChamps prior to joining The Learning Museum. I have always been passionate about working with the next generation and nurturing their love of learning. To educate, instill values and groom the young ones, nurturing and encouraging them to constantly strive for their personal best and achieve their full potential is my greatest satisfaction as an educator.

Teacher Marcus Tan

Secondary Chemistry

I'm a graduate of NUS (engineering) and have a PGDE from the NIE. I have about 14 years of teaching and tutoring experience. My approach helps students break down difficult concepts and then guide them on how they are related to the overall big picture. This allows them to achieve long term understanding instead of just route learning.